Aliases: Jay
Age: +20 Years Old
Pronouns: He/Him

Hello! I'm TEMORALI, a trans male artist and creator who is also gay and asexual. I work with digital media and am a recent graduate with a major in Game Design and Animation. In my free time, I like to play video games and work on visual novel games in Ren'Py.If you would like to know more about me or my work, please don't be afraid to DM me and ask! Just please be civil and I'll respond when I am able :)


My work may contain the following themes. Please message me directly if you would like something else to be tagged.

- Violence (blood, mild gore, physical combat, guns, murder, organized crime, etc)
- Smoking / alcohol / substance use
- Fictional religion and some religious themes
- Mental Illness (depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc)
- Unhealthy coping mechanisms
- Abuse (emotional and physical)
- Body horror (most frequently, multiple eyes / eyes in places they shouln't be)
- Mild suicidal ideology
- Major character death, family death, partner death


These are the terms by which I decide how my art is used, and what you can expect. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.Commission TOS can be found on my "Commissions" page.

- Do NOT repost my artwork on any sites.
- Never claim any art as your own; "credit to the artist" does not count.
- FAN ART is free to use as icons + headers on any websites, but you must credit me in your bio.
- My original content (OCs, stories, worlds, games, etc) can NOT be used in any way.
- You may never use any of my artwork for profit. If you wish to make money off of one of my works, you must discuss it with me. Attempts at selling my artwork will be challenged by me directly.


Commissions: OPEN

Commission sheet is currently in progress of being remade, but you can reference the old one here. I retain the right to deny any commission request.I accept money through Ko-Fi and PayPal.

Humans/HumanoidsIntense Gore
Animals/Monsters/FantasyExplicit NSFW
Pokemon/GijinkasSelf-harm + Related Subjects
Violence/Mild GoreReal People
LGBTQIA contentAny form of hate speech
Sexbends/GenderbendsPedophilic/Incestuous Content


Other places to reach me! Remember, you may DM me on Twitter whenever if you have any questions or concerns :)

- Personal Acc: @temoraIi
- IDV Acc: @fifthidentity
- Curious Cat: _TEMORALI
- Discord: TEMORALI#8003

If you'd like to support me, please visit my Ko-Fi!And if you want to read it, here is my personal carrd!